Make Buying or Selling your Home a Briese!

For Buyers

Buying a home in Real Estate Jacksonville North Carolina areas is an exciting time in one's life. Making the smart move of choosing a REALTOR® is your first step to ensuring that your new home and community meets your needs. My services and experience range from financial aid to helping you find the home that best suits you and your family. For your convenience, we also provide listings by email. I pride myself on repeat business and hope you'll come to understand why.

How We Can Help
Before you start looking
Closing Costs

As Your Agent, We Will:

  • Assure that you see all the properties in the area that meet your criteria.
  • Guide you through the entire home buying process, from finding homes to look at, to getting the best financing.
  • Make sure you don't pay too much for your new home and help you avoid costly mistakes.
  • Answer all of your questions about the local market area, including schools, neighborhoods, the local economy, and more.

Before You Start Looking For Your New Home:

  • Check your credit rating. Straighten out any errors before its too late.
  • Determine a comfortable monthly budget for your new purchase, including down payment and monthly payment.
  • Find a loan program that meets your needs and get pre-qualified (preferably pre-approved).
  • Choose a REALTOR® that you trust and who understands your needs.
  • Determine what neighborhood best matches your needs.
  • Identify important features you need your new home to have.

Closing Costs to Expect:

  • Lender fees include charges for loan processing, underwriting, preparation and establishing an escrow account.
  • Third-party fees include charges for insurance, title search, and other inspections such as termites.
  • Government fees include deed recording and state & local mortgage taxes.
  • Escrow and interest fees include homeowner's insurance, loan interest, real estate taxes, and occasionally private mortgage insurance.
  • Find out how much your closing costs could be.

Buying 101: 

Buying home can be an overwhelming process. Fortunately an excellent Realtor can guide you through the process and help get your foot in the door, literally! By the way, the seller generally pays the Realtor's commission, so as a buyer, using a Realtor to represent you does not cost you any fees!

Buying a home is actually a simple process, and when you work together with a real estate agent.

Step One - Get Pre-Qualified
Step Two - Speak with a Real Estate Agent

 Step Three - The Home Search Process
Your Realtor will create a "search profile" for you. 

Step Four - Negotiating the Price and Terms & Conditions
Your Realtor can help provide you with great information to help make a deal.

Step Five - Getting your Dream Home "Under Contract"
After your offer is accepted, your Realtor will prepare the contracts and walk you through the execution process. 

Step - Six - The Contract Process
There are a few  steps to complete this process but your Realtor will make it easy
Step Seven - Getting to the Closing Table!
Needless to say, getting to the closing table is the primary goal!  Your Realtor, mortgage company, attorney/title agency, and you are all working together! There are many tasks to accomplish, and working with a great team will ensure your success.


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